Why I Drop the F Bomb A Lot

Years ago, I was really in a shitty place. I had spent so many sleepless nights worrying and over-thinking. I couldn’t remember the last time I was happy, and had completely lost track of any sense of calm.

I didn’t realise that I suffered from anxiety. 
Or how common it is – one in five people suffer some form of anxiety in their lives.  

My name is Matt. I’m an ideas guy, copywriter and illustrator.

But beyond my adman day job, I’m on a mission … to use my creativity to shed some light on mental illness, whether that be anxiety, depression or one of the many other illnesses good people face every day.

I have a really foul mouth too, so you can expect me to drop loads of fucking swear words as I do it. Words like twat, fuckwomble and my favourite: bollocks. There is no sacred ground here, although I rarely use the C word because my wife hates that. Which is weird because she’s Australian and I thought that was part of their whole vernacular.

Anyway, I diverge. So, that’s me, the foul-mouthed copywriter, against the isolation and stigma of having mental health problems. On this site is a blog where I write about my own anxiety, cover interesting developments in mental health, and sketch the odd cartoon too, because why not have a laugh as we have a cry?

Screenshot 2020 06 09 at 12.03.56

I’ve also written and illustrated a book called “Tell Your Negative Thoughts to Shut the F*ck Up”. It’s to help you spot the signs of anxious thinking, and I highly recommend it. 🙂
Just click on the book link in the menu.

That’s it really.

So if you are a fellow anxiety sufferer, or proud owner of any mental illness really, I raise my beer to you.

And if you want to talk, send me an email at matt@westoncreative.net