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One in five people suffer some form of anxiety in their lives.
But did you know that anxiety is often down to 10 negative ways of thinking?

“If only I could make a fun guide to help spot these negative thoughts,” I thought, “something with a bit of humour and hand drawn art”.


The result is a 26 page full colour book that I wrote and illustrated, and put together thanks to two awesome designers : 

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Far from a boring self-help book, it uses fun visual metaphors to help you spot your thoughts and call them out on their bullsh*t.
Like these ones…

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Need more convincing? Read this….

“This book provides sharp insights into the very real and often debilitating symptoms of anxiety. Matt’s words on how the condition can distort the way we think and view the world, combined with his encouraging message to anybody else living with anxiety, makes this a helpful and motivational guide.”

Margaret Edwards, Director of Communications at UK mental health charity SANE.