Kids dealing with death

It has been a bit of a day.

I had bought tickets to the Rocket League World Championship today in London for my kid and I. Then I had a dream that I had covid. I’d never had it. So I woke up, feeling rough, and did a test. And bang. Covid positive.

So no Rocket League event for us.

We jumped into our own worlds online to escape. Then something else happened.

Technoblade was a Minecraft streamer, and had millions of fans. My kids were two of them. So when this video came out about his death, made by his father, it was very hard hitting for everyone.

This guy was a quality streamer. A really good guy. He’d helped a lot of kids get through lockdown with his videos. And a lot of young people will be hurting over this.

My son who is nine watched it, and cried. Death is something kids don’t deal with much and it’s difficult for them to process. And me, I felt so bad for him (and Technoblade, of course).

Perhaps it was an important lesson about the connection we have with the ones we love.

Death is so scary to me. But we forget about ourselves when our children are hurting. I feel so much for the father of this guy. It took such strength to go online and talk to his fans.

Myself and my kid will be okay. But his child is gone.

I just want to give my boy a hug today. But shitty Covid means I can’t!

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