Chill the F*ck Out

In 2015, a study* was performed using 200 cataract operation patients where patients were given meditation music before their operation, and their ‘stress coping skills’ measured. The results showed the patients with the music had lower stress levels before surgery.

That’s just one of boatloads of studies that show how great music is to calm an anxious mind.

So, I thought I’d give you a little recommendation of some music I use to chill out.

Future Astronauts podcast is in my opinion, the absolute dogs bollocks of chill out stations.

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Forget all of that hotel chill-out playlist tripe that they play to sun-baked oldies around the pool (apologies if you are a sub-baked oldie). This podcast contains 100% decent tunes that even a pilled-up Ibiza DJ who is half dead on the beach at 10am after a particularly emotional 10 hour set would listen to.

And even better, they have created an album to raise funds for mental health charities in the UK and the US.

Click here to listen to some tracks.

*read study here .

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