Finished my FutureLearn Psychology course!

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I’ve used some lockdown time to study one of my passions – psychology. 
I’ve just finished a great online Psychology course which is run by Liverpool University in he UK.

It’s part of my plan to get my swiss cheese brain more informed about mental health so I can communicate more about it. Hooray!

The course uses a shitload of really clever words, but essentially it challenges the current discussion amongst psychiatrists and psychologists about the relative importance of social, biological and psychological factors in mental illness.

If you are interested in doing the course on FutureLearn, you can take it here for free.

I think my general conclusion through my learnings is this:
Most mental illness is the product of what happens to you (social), how you see the world (psychological) and maybe some genetic predisposition for illness (biological).

Also though, the professor who leads the course makes an interesting discovery through research (done a while ago now in 2005) that the more a person ruminates on negative events in their life, the more they are likely to suffer mental illness effects.

I mean wow, this was particularly relevant in my case. I’m a massive ruminator (for some reason I’m seeing a cow in my mind) … bloody typical in people with anxiety I think. Personally, having social anxiety makes me go over every painstaking shit moment of any social event again and again… forensically inspecting it for a moment where I was a fucking bell-end. Something I personally am working on is to let go a bit more, and be kinder to myself.

Or, in other words, to just tell my negative magnification thoughts to shut the fuck up.

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